Mold shampoo

Mold shampoo


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The CXEVALO mold shampoo based on plant-based foaming agents gently cleanses, has a moisturizing effect and is adapted to the pH value of the horse's skin. Our unique crystal blue ensures the perfect bright, white look. The crystal blue reflects the sunlight back from the fur, particularly white, and makes yellowish discoloration invisible. That's why we can of course do without chemical bleaching agents without having to forego a radiant result. The CXEVALO mold shampoo is also ideal for piebalds, as the darker areas of fur do not fade.

With INGREDIENTS that work: plant-based foaming agents (= 5-15% anionic and 5-15% non-ionic surfactants), crystal blue as well as water and natural moisturizers.

Natural product: naturally without silicones, without bleach, without microplastics, without parabens, without paraffins, without perfume.

Application of mold shampoo

Get the fur, mane and tail thoroughly wet. Then, if necessary, pre-lather the mold shampoo in your hand or a bowl with a little water and massage it well into the horse's fur and work it vigorously into the long hair. The shampoo can also be massaged in with a sponge or washing mitt - this increases the foam effect. After massaging in, leave it on for 2-3 minutes so that the whitening effect can develop well. Rinse out the horse shampoo carefully.


Apple mold
White badges


whole horse body
white patches of fur
white longhair

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