Happy together.

We want to be the pioneers for sustainable equestrian sport.

That's why we work wherever possible with manufacturers and partners who make an important contribution to climate protection and sustainably improve the living conditions of people, animals and plants around the world.

We are active in equestrian sports ourselves and know all of our products.
That's why we can provide competent and honest advice. We offer you outstanding product quality and exceptional services in all our ranges, which are highly relevant for equestrian athletes.

We stand for value-oriented entrepreneurship.
That's why our values ​​always take precedence over growth that doesn't fit our mindset. We aspire to be THE credible equestrian shop for everyone who cares about sustainability and protecting our planet.

We can achieve a lot for our planet with our network.
That's why we brought experts on board right from the start who think and act the same way we do. Together we can change the equestrian world and show responsibility for our world. For us and the generations after us.

With Charme du Cheval we would like to give you carefree joy in exquisite things related to equestrian sports.
With everything we do, we want to make an important contribution to making this world more beautiful and worth living in. Together with our network.
And with you.