We love our horses .

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Graschi family with father Norbert, mother Barbara and their two children

Our family:

Two adults, two children, three horses and three dogs – that’s us, the Graschi family.
Colorful, lively and closely connected to nature. Our animals are family members. Animal welfare and sustainability have been part of our everyday lives for many years. This attitude to life gave rise to the idea of ​​founding Charme du Cheval. We want to share our love for animals and our enthusiasm for fair equestrian sport with people who think and live exactly like we do. Now we are starting with our dream - as the first online shop that exclusively houses manufacturers under one roof

united, whose products are manufactured with the greatest possible sustainability aspects in mind. Here you will find products from start-ups that have positioned themselves to be as sustainable as possible, but also a wide range of products from well-known brands for whom sustainability plays a crucial role in their daily activities.

We love our horses and would be happy if you would be a part of our start-up right from the start.

Enjoy browsing,
Barbara and Norbert Graschi

Wir lieben unsere Pferde

Our customers:

“I am deeply impressed by Charme du Cheval – my new favorite shop!”

Daffy with Birgit and Heinz Dennenwaldt

“A unique shop concept that shows that the founding family is rooted in equestrian sports.”

Ascaro with Steffi Piscatelli

“Finally – because sustainability is an important topic for our generation.”

Maya with Rike Schön

Norbert Graschi, Selina Söder (U25 dressage squad), Barbara Graschi and Raphael Netz (European U25 dressage champion)

Our friends:

“I have known Barbara and Norbert for a long time. Their commitment to sustainability in equestrian sport is truly unique and now has a perfect platform with Charme du Cheval!”

Selina Söder, U25 dressage

“We love our horses this brilliant sentence describes the Graschi family perfectly. Because with everything they do, they simply want to do good for our horses and our earth!”

Raphael Netz, 2022 European U25 Dressage Champion

Our partners:

“When the Graschi family approached us to introduce the Charme du Cheval concept, we were immediately positive. With our brands for natural horse and dog care, we have long been pursuing the approach of offering nature-based and high-quality products in a stylish and exclusive context. With this in mind, we are pleased to be able to work with Charme du Cheval to make equestrian sport even more sustainable and beautiful at the same time.”

Marie-Christine Stelzhammer

Dipl.-Wirtsch.Ing (FH). Ing.,B.Eng.

Founder CXEVLAO and

Head of product development and brand development

“We at Equistro see ourselves as a premium brand in the field of supplementary feed for horses. We were therefore very quickly sure that the Charme du Cheval concept would suit us perfectly. As we continued to work together, we saw our first impression further confirmed and we are pleased to have a strong partner with leitmotifs that match Equistro at our side.”

Sascha Sauer


key account manager

DACH online trading

“How nice that the trend, which is becoming increasingly popular in the “normal” fashion sector, is now also being implemented in the equestrian sector. And professionally and personably! This philosophy fits CARUBINA perfectly. We consistently avoid long transport routes and seasonal trends and thereby distance ourselves from the “fast fashion” sector.”

Catherine Kasenda


Breidenhoferstrasse 9

42781 Haan

“We at equimus were enthusiastic about Barbara and Norbert’s concept from the start. It reflects our philosophy as a brand and due to the industry knowledge and the passion that the two of them bring with them as founders and managing directors, we were immediately on board. Everyone immediately notices that Charme du Cheval is “not just” a shop. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and passion in it.”

Katharina Hironimus-Dalic

Founder & CEO equimus GmbH

Landshuter Str. 21

84307 Eggenfelden / Germany