Equistro Percutin Paste

Equistro Percutin Paste


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Paste for external use on horses. Beneficial for stressed ligaments, tendons and muscles. COMPOSITION: Clay, arnica extract, menthol, isopropanol, chamomile extract. CHARACTERISTICS: Percutin Paste normalizes the distribution of fluid in the tissue and at the same time develops intensive cooling via the evaporation effect. This makes Percutin Paste particularly beneficial for stressed ligaments, tendons and muscles. APPLICATION: Apply the ready-to-use paste in a thick layer and leave it there until it dries out, do not bandage it. The dried paste usually falls off on its own, brush off any remaining residue or wash it off with water. The application can be repeated as desired, even over a longer period of time, without causing skin irritation or fur damage. STORAGE CONDITIONS: Close tightly after use. Store clean, cool and protected from light