Bridle High Jump
Bridle High Jump
Bridle High Jump

Bridle High Jump


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The High Jump and all of its individual parts are patent pending.


The noseband of the High Jump has been completely redeveloped. This new shape means that the bridle does not put any pressure on the teeth and also minimizes the risk of possible injuries related to the bit.

The curved arches of the noseband are flexible to guarantee an optimal fit for every horse.


The headpiece of the High Jump also has a completely new design, which relieves the strain on the sensitive neck and ensures optimal freedom of movement for the ears.


The High Jump's cheekpieces are flat and feature the patented Cradles™ system. Thanks to the elastic insert for hanging the bit, the bit sits more easily in the mouth and thus relieves pressure on the neck. The “Cradles™” are effortless to remove and easy to buckle.

Depending on your needs, the noseband can be easily replaced.

If you are unsure about choosing the size, we advise you to choose the larger bridle. The arches of the bridle must be bent by hand for a perfect fit on your horse's head. Please take a look at the photos on our website.


The headband features the patented Click-It™ design. This technology allows the browband to be replaced within a few seconds, even if your horse is already wearing the bridle.

Riding product of the year 2014 by Hippson.

Reins are not included!

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