Athens bridle
Athens bridle
Athens bridle

Athens bridle


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A bridle that at first glance looks like an ordinary Mexican bridle, but upon second glance it offers so many small details that make it completely unique.

The lower strap of the noseband is anatomically shaped and ensures that the bridle sits perfectly on the nose. The bridle has soft padding on the cheekbones, which prevents it from rubbing or pinching. The PS of Sweden logo was punched into the leather on the bridge of the nose as a stylish detail.

The headpiece has an air space at the highest point of the neck to ensure maximum freedom for the sensitive nerves, muscles and ligaments that all come together in the neck. In addition, the edges of the headpiece are softly padded and it is cut out at the ears to provide maximum comfort for the horse.

The cheekpieces have PS of Sweden's elastic cradles, which means the bit sits softer in the mouth.

The headband has the new, convex PS button with an extra sturdy clasp that holds the headband in place and shapes the leather back and down.

Recommended for horses that...

...have great forward momentum

...become strong when they see a jump

...need additional stabilization

...have a sensitive jaw

Material & Care:

Spanish vegetable tanned leather

The bridles are all handmade unique pieces.

PS of Sweden recommends treating the bridle with oil before first use to protect and maintain the high quality of the leather.

Leather is a natural product that develops over time and can darken slightly when oiled.

Reins and throatlatch are not included!

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