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Many horses react with fright to the sound of a spray. So that you don't have to miss out on the best protection against horse flies, (black) flies and horse flies, we have developed the CXEVALO mosquito repellent gel repellent. With the unique and natural active ingredient complex from lemon eucalyptus. Also ideal for use in particularly sensitive areas such as the head area, around the eyes and ears. Of course, the mosquito repellent gel is also suitable for horses with sweet itch and/or particularly sensitive skin. For use on horses AND dogs. Suitable for tournament sports.

With INGREDIENTS that work: herbal active ingredient Eucalyptus citriodora oil (H/C) in the highest possible concentration (200g per liter), as well as water and natural gelling agents.
(Registration number: N-86341)

Application mosquito repellent gel

Shake mosquito repellent gel repellent before use. Apply the gel with the brush head to fur along the spine, at the base of the mane and the tail. For optimal protection, spray the rest of your body with the mosquito repellent spray . The gel can also be used safely on the head and in the areas around the eyes.

IMPORTANT : In case of heavy sweating or contact with water, repeat application as necessary.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


for everyone who cares about natural and highly effective protection
normal horses
in areas with extreme mosquito populations
for allergies to mosquito bites
in horses with a fear of spraying noises


Mane comb
Horse head
Tail turnip
belly seam


If you have itching, sweet itch, etc., it is best to combine the CXEVALO mosquito repellent gel repellent with the CXEVALO fur care spray and the cooling shampoo. You can find all three products at a special price in the eczema care combination light .

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