Equistro Legaphyton

Equistro Legaphyton


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Dietary supplementary feed (pellets) for horses To support liver function in chronic liver insufficiency COMPOSITION: Barley feed flour, carob meal 25%, alfalfa 15%, sugar, cellulose powder 4%, potato starch, silibin/phospholipids 3% (silibin 1.1% and phosphatidylcholine). Source of proteins and fibers: cellulose, silibin/phospholipids. Analytical components: starch 25.4%, crude fiber 10.8%, crude protein 10%, moisture 8%, crude ash 4%, crude fat 2.7%, sodium 0.20%, choline 0.20%, DL-methionine 0, 15%. CHARACTERISTICS: Equistro® LEGAPHYTON is a dietary supplement for horses in pellet form to support liver function in chronic liver insufficiency. LEGAPHYTON contains an easily absorbed silibin-phospholipid compound and highly digestible carbohydrates (alfalfa and carob). It is particularly recommended for horses suffering from chronic liver failure (high performance horses, overweight or older horses). FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: Horses (500 kg): 30 g = 1 measuring spoon per day. Foals/ponies: 15 g = 1/2 measuring spoon per day. Mixed with a food that is low in protein but with high quality protein. Daily ration should be administered in several small portions throughout the day. LEGAPHYTON can be administered initially for up to 6 months. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a veterinarian before using the product or extending the feeding period. STORAGE CONDITIONS: Close well after use. Store clean, cool and protected from light. Commercial form: can of 900 g

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